We plan to be the primary provider that is sought out by 911, telecommunications, and technology owners to assure that their infrastructures, systems, and devices are failsafe by being managed properly. We will be known for unmatched excellence, quality, and ethics which leads to absolute trust. We will take the worry out of ownership and provide peace mind that will allow our customers to turn their attention to their primary mission and what they do best. We will give system owners and their customers the tools that are critical to what they do and deliver.

We plan to bring our excellence in leadership, reputation, experience and knowledge to bear in order to win the trust and business of major system owners. We will use our own personal experiences in law enforcement and fire service to know how to go the extra mile for the people in those services. We will only employ and maintain extremely credible, capable, and ethical people whose skills and character set them apart. We will earn the right to be who 911 calls when they need help.

We will build our reputation and choose our path based on the big picture and long range outcomes with only the highest quality workmanship. We will think strategically and act proactively. We will deliver leadership by acting quickly and decisively to protect the best interests of customers who may not even realize what they are vulnerable to. We will not only meet our customer’s expectations but exceed them. Above all we will just do what is right.

We will be for our customers what they simply cannot do without.

Corporate Certifications and Licenses

FCC Radar
Hands On T1/T3 Components and Applications
ASTRO 25™ Advanced System Mobility Operations
Radio Frequency (RF) Safety
Electromagnetic Energy (EME) Awareness
Communications Analysis
Line Level School
Advanced Networking
T1/T3 Installation and Troubleshooting
Technical Writing
Fundamentals of DC Power Systems
Fundamentals of Batteries
Digital Modulation
Trunked Digital Path Simulcast
CentraCom™, CentraCom II™, CentraCom Plus™
Business Administration BS
Frequent background checks and security clearances

Astro 25™ Master Site
Astro™ Digital Techniques
Astro™ IP Digital Simulcast
Astro™ Secure Communications
ETA Master Technician
ETA certification Communications Site Installer Inspector
ETA certification Industrial Electronics
ETA certification Telecommunications
ETA certification Antenna System Analysis
ETA certification for R56 and Site Grounding
ETA certification Computer Network Systems Technician
ETA certification Computer Service Technician
ETA certification Customer Service Manager
ETA certification Network Computer Technician
CompTIA Network+
CompTIA Security+
CompTIA Project+
DOD Secret clearance
USMC Avionics Level 3+
City Government and Council member
Incident Command System (ICS) qualified

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