At Fidelity, our technical program offers a vast array of highly qualified communications systems solutions. We pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for the communications and electronics needs of every customer. Rather than being just another vendor that waits for you to call when something breaks, Fidelity Solutions engages in a proactive partner relationship where we not only maintain your equipment, but look out for the best interests of our customers with a holistic approach. We strive to educate and advise our customers so you can always rest assured that you are able to make well informed decisions without any pressure service sales.

We understand the ever-changing environment of first response agency’s and how technology is playing a critical role in daily operations and responder safety. Keeping your systems and equipment well maintained and mission ready becomes an ever more critical and extensive need. It is no longer something that can be managed by staff as “one more responsibility” or collateral duty. Keeping up on highly technical communications systems management requires a high level of expertise, focus, and extensive background knowledge & experience. The Fidelity Solutions team brings a wealth of knowledge in these areas to each customer allowing for a pre-emptive and proactive program that is able to keep your technology mission ready and always performing at its peak. Let Fidelity demonstrate our years of focused experience and expertise by providing you with the solutions to meet your needs.

Just a few of our technical program offerings include:

  • Radio fleet program management
  • Radio equipment troubleshooting and repair (includes APX mobiles, portables, consolettes etc.)
  • Dispatch console & system troubleshooting and repair
  • Records maintenance/management (maintains an accurate inventory of all equipment – critical to proper database management
  • Annual preventative maintenance services
  • Codeplug updates
  • Motorola repair depot liaising services

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