At Fidelity, we understand the highly political world of communications technology and system access requirements. Let us do the hard work, while you remain focused on your critical operations and missions. We pride ourselves on having established long-lasting relationships with numerous agencies and system owners in Washington State.

Fidelity Solutions has years of liaising experience with system users and owners alike. Understanding the needs of customer agency users, and the concerns of system owners, allows Fidelity to facilitate conversations and lets us bridge the gap and establish agreeable solutions for all. We will act in good faith as your agency’s liaison in matters that involve radio system owners and system infrastructure. We will collaborate, as necessary, with the system owners and assist in maintaining good working relations.

Instead of spending your time at highly technical and politicized meetings, let the Fidelity team be your representative in getting things done.

Just a few of our system access solutions include:

  • Liaising for both system users and system owners
  • Advocating for critical system access needs
  • Providing a clear breakdown of system access agreement legalese
  • Representing system users via the Fidelity name – we will attend meetings and ask the right questions in order to secure the system access your agency needs

Let Fidelity Solutions wade through the red tape on your behalf so that you can stay focused on your field of expertise. We will provide you with the system access solutions you are looking for.

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