Reliable Communications is quite literally a matter of life and death in today’s fast-paced, dangerous, and dynamic environment. Yet, as technology advances, it becomes more and more difficult for organizations to maintain their assets and infrastructure in optimal condition to ensure that critical communications take place at all times and in all situations. Indeed, technology has progressed to the point that the device a first responder carries is less a radio, and more a computer on a network that allows for highly efficient communications – that is, when properly maintained and optimized.

Fidelity Solutions proposes to become your communications and technology program manager who will always keep a finger on the pulse of your system. If something arises the middle of the night, Fidelity will be there to answer the call.

We will help you to understand where you are with your technology solutions today and plot the course of where you need to go. You can rest at ease knowing that someone is watching and taking care of details large and small. This will free up your personnel to stay on task and focus on what they do best… their primary mission, making your agency more productive and efficient overall.

We offer you peace of mind that your system management is off your plate and being proactively administered by a team that knows what they are doing. At Fidelity, we offer tailored solutions to meet the needs of your unique situation. Since no two agencies are the same, you should not have to rely on mere “cookie cutter” services that do not fully meet your needs. Fidelity will work with you to assess your needs and build customized solutions that do what you need them to.

Just a few of our system management offerings include:

  • 24-hour system monitoring & response solutions
  • System troubleshoot & repair solutions
  • Critically important system maintenance and updates, according to schedule
  • Access to system technicians 24/7 for questions or to initiate response call-outs

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