There are multiple technologies behind the scenes that work together to tie all functions of your communications systems and technology platforms together for a complete operation. Things like computer aided dispatch, microwave and fiber optic backhaul, and backup power systems are just a few of the varied components necessary.

Additional Communications Systems & Technology Platforms include:


 DC and battery plants

 Antenna systems



  • VHF/UHF Communications
  • Collision avoidance technologies
  • Beacon
  • Direction finding
  • RadAlt
  • Wx radar
  • Mission computers
  • Flight control computers
  • ILS instrumentation
  • Navigation
  • SatComm
  • Sensors (environmental, system, aircraft)
  • Aviation electrician
  • System integration
  • Glass cockpits and steam gauges

Antennas, Transmission Lines, Tower Top Amplifiers and Combining

Radiating and capturing your radio signals is a critical link in your communication path. You must be able to tell if the equipment and cables on the tower are operating within specs or have been damaged by weather or vandalism. In addition we have the expertise to optimize and maintain the tower top amplifiers, receive multicouplers, and transmit combiners that make up your full antenna system compliment.

Mobile Data Devices

Providing data to field units has become a standard tool for police, fire, and others. We know what it takes to get it there and keep it flowing. From the laptop in the car to the infrastructure in the back room let help keep your units in touch.

Vehicle Lighting and Electrical

Today’s vehicles are like small cities of power distribution. We can help you map it all out, get it put in, and keep it working with expert electrical knowledge.


The backhaul that connects all of your installations is extremely critical to your entire operation. We have the experience to maintain and evaluate your microwave electronics, waveguides, and dishes. We understand loop switching and hot standby. We will monitor and maintain this vital link in your communications chain.

Fiber Optics

Backhaul and system connectivity keeps your entire system together. We understand your fiber and how to make sure that it is tested and maintained. We will make sure that your equipment can always ‘see the light’.

Land Lines

In cases where you depend on lines provided by the phone company to connect your sites you need someone who knows when those lines are working and when they are not and how to hold the phone company accountable to keeping their service up to performance.


Being able to remotely monitor and control your equipment is a necessity for efficient use of resources and maximum up time. We have the experience to keep your telemetry at peak performance so that you can stay in touch with that equipment on the far mountaintop and know what it is doing.

Site Security

Remote and even local installations of infrastructure and becoming ever more vulnerable to vandalism and theft. Whether it is making sure that your fences are repaired and maintained or installing security cameras and their connection back to a central location we will assure that you have every tool possible to protect your investment

Structure Maintenance

Don’t wait until your expensive electronics at a remote site are ruined before you find out that the roof is leaking. We will keep the sites inspected and cleaned, and make sure that maintenance and repairs get done regularly. We will watch for infestations by rodents and insects. Your investment deserves solid protection and upkeep.


Whether downtown or a mountaintop we will make sure that the grass is maintained and weeds controlled. Don’t let the blackberries keep you from getting to your site or the grass and weeds become an eyesore for the neighbors.

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