We bring over 40 years of experience, qualifications, and certifications in the fields of avionics, radio communications, electronics, and networks to the emergency services and business community. This experience includes planning, designing, installing, repair and troubleshooting, flight line troubleshooting, project management, system maintenance and operation, and complete infrastructure management. No system is too large or too small. We are subject matter experts from single devices all the way up to large enterprises for county, regional, and state wide infrastructures.

Ron Taylor
Ron TaylorPresident
Ron has spent in excess of 40 years in the communications and technology industry. As a young man he was an active user of these technologies by serving in both the fire and law enforcement services, which has given him an invaluable knowledge and appreciation for the needs of front line users. As his interest and aptitude grew in technology he ultimately made the decision to turn to this field as a career choice.

After attending the University of Montana Helena Technical College and attaining his FCC license he began working as a technician for a communications company that maintained two-way radio systems for emergency services and first responder agencies. He quickly advanced in capability and responsibility and was soon entrusted with more critical systems. From there he began regularly taking additional training and adding ever more qualifications to his resume.

This became a pattern for years to come and Ron has since amassed a plethora of qualifications and professional certifications. Today he holds over 40 certifications, several FCC licenses, a Master Certified Electronics Technician rating, and a low voltage electrical license. He eventually began to mentor others, as well as taking on leadership and management roles. Ron spent several years as Technical Director of a major 911 center in the Seattle metropolitan area and has also provided expert maintenance, installation and consulting services across a multi-state area in the Pacific Northwest. He spent many years employed by Motorola as a subject matter expert in complex and large scale communications systems for critical services. Today Ron has put together his own team to offer high quality services, maintenance, and consulting in the high technology field of communications and technology.

Ron grew up on a farm and learned the valuable lessons of hard work, integrity, and a ‘find a way or make a way to fix it’ attitude. He is married to his first wife of 42 years, has 3 grown children, and a dozen grandchildren. He likes being in the mountains, teaching what he knows to others, and fixing things. He spent a term as a local city councilman where he lives and remains engaged in giving back to the community. Building relationships and having integrity has led him to make “building people while building business” to be one of the fundamental principles of doing business.

Robbin Taylor
Robbin Taylor
Robbin comes to Fidelity Solutions through her long-term relationship with Ron Taylor, having been married 42 years. From the beginning Robbin has followed Ron to many radio sites in Montana, Washington and Oregon. Through this she has become familiar with the industry.

Robbin began working professionally for a large municipal radio system owner in the Seattle metropolitan area in 1997 where she oversaw Accounts Payable/Receivable for the radio shop. This was a newly created position and Robbin had the opportunity to organize the workload and create the work processes for the different aspects of this new position. She also assisted in maintaining the radio subscriber inventory in both portable and mobile radios, which included monthly billings to the different agencies subscribed to the radio system. In this position she managed customer accounts for both the owner agencies, as well as outside agencies such as police and fire departments throughout the area.

Currently, Robbin has added her valuable experience to the Fidelity Solutions finance team in Accounts Payable/Receivable. She also runs the Shipping and Receiving department, which includes ordering/receiving parts, keeping physical stock organized, maintaining an electronic inventory, and tracking of physical parts ordered for specific customers and projects. She also is the Company Notary Public and notarizes the certifications of Speed Measuring Devices calibrated by RT Fidelity Solutions.

Casey Taylor
Casey TaylorVice President
Casey is a US Marine Corps veteran with a diverse background in aviation both in technical aspects as well as administration and management and has multiple years of service with the FAA. Presently, Casey is a Management and Program Analyst for the United States Navy Pacific Fleet. In the midst of working full time in various government positions, volunteering as a firefighter/EMT in his local community, and raising four young children with his wife, Casey has recently finished his BS in Business Management from Western Governors University – Washington. The focus of his degree is entrepreneurial companies, innovation, and lean processes to be able to fulfill customer requirements in the most efficient and satisfactory manner.
 Angelina Taylor
Angelina TaylorExecutive Assistant
The newest to the Fidelity Family, I am a mother of 4 amazing children that have mainly been my life up until joining the Fidelity Family. Raising my family for the past 11 years has allowed me to crucially learn how to handle crisis, multitask, and lead others (especially little humans). I have the pleasure of helping on the business end of the company and be an executive assistant to both the President and Vice President. Being an EMT myself and the proud wife of a Firefighter/EMT for many years, I know how critical telecommunication is when there is an emergency and lives are on the line. You should never have to second guess your communication equipment. I hope our family can be the resource that takes care of all your telecommunications needs.

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