Motorola Technologies

Motorola Astro is the leading radio communications platform in the industry. We bring the expertise and experience to get the best performance possible.

  • Astro 25™
  • Smartzone™
  • Smartnet™
  • Omnilink™
  • Simulcast
  • IV&D™
  • HPD™
  • Moscad™
  • MCC7500™
  • CentraCom™
  • Master site and sub site


The best technology in the world is only as good as the capability of the operators and users. We are expert at providing clear and understandable training that is geared to the users. We will help them get the most out of their tools without overwhelming them with technical overload.


Meticulous generation and upkeep of documentation is critical to the health and operation of any technology. We will make sure that you always know how your system is configured, connected, and when it has been repaired or maintained. When rapid troubleshooting and repair becomes necessary current and accurate documentation is a must.

Mobile and Portable Voice Devices

It is both a blessing and a cursing that today’s radios are so versatile with endless capabilities. It’s great that they can do about anything but it can be a nightmare configuring and programming them to do all those things. We have the experience and expertise to know how to do it and where the pitfalls are. We can design your programming for you and then execute the deployment.

Radio Tower Sites

Communication sites are where all your technology intersects. From structures like towers to roads and rodents we will take the whole management off of your plate.

Master Sites and Control Centers

Systems that have diverse locations and far flung components have to be controlled by a central processing center. We know our way around these server centers and how to manage live systems that are serving life safety activities. Trust your back room to someone who has years of experience in the nerve center and keeping the users uninterrupted.


In today’s environment it is ever more important to keep sensitive information secure. We will help you keep your data and voice security intact and managed.

Antennas, Transmission Lines, Tower Top Amplifiers and Combining

Radiating and capturing your radio signals is a critical link in your communication path. You must be able to tell if the equipment and cables on the tower are operating within specs or have been damaged by weather or vandalism. In addition we have the expertise to optimize and maintain the tower top amplifiers, receive multicouplers, and transmit combiners that make up your full antenna system compliment.

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