Fidelity Solutions prides itself on building top quality emergency response vehicles in addition to equipping vehicles of every kind with the latest technological communications tools and solutions. We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive range of upfit options from simple turnkey systems all the way to specialized and customized builds, with responder safety remaining a top priority.

When selecting Fidelity Solutions, you’ll find that we are able to build a vast range of equipment and vehicles, from standard police interceptor SUV’s, to specialized SWAT vehicles, motorcycles, fire apparatus, command rigs, and heavy/super duty vehicles to name a few. We can do everything from a single component install or replacement, all the way to customized full vehicle upfits.

One of the best features of the personalized service you will come to expect at Fidelity, is our on-site service, saving costs and hassle, and keeping your personnel and apparatus out of service for as little time as possible. We not only work efficiently and effectively to save you time and money, we will listen to your needs and develop customized solutions that meet the demands of large regional agencies and small rural ones alike. A sampling of the emergency equipment we can upfit your vehicle with includes:

  • Exterior/interior lighting & siren systems (including controllers)
  • Radios of any type including all antennas and hardware
  • Mounts & consoles
  • Partitions & cages
  • Camera solutions
  • Speed Measuring Device (SMD) solutions
  • Wiring harnesses
  • Equipment mounting brackets
  • Push bumpers
  • Gun racks, Mounts & Safes
  • K9 Equipment to include specialized door poppers
  • Computer solutions (including laptops, tablets, docks, mounts, printers scanners & GPS)
  • Lo-jack Systems

We work directly with trusted manufacturers to liaise on your behalf securing you high-quality equipment at a reasonable price. We can help guide you through the various options to find what fits your needs and ensure the appropriate installation package is developed. To get started with Fidelity today, click below to contact us and start building your solution.

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