911 Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP)

We can help you with a wide array of your critical communications infrastructure and network including 911 Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) systems. We understand that every system must function flawlessly to afford you the peace of mind that you need in order to save lives.

911 PSAP

The 911 Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) is a hub where multiple technologies intersect. Often these technologies must interface with one another and work together. We understand the unique demands on a dispatch center and how to make sure it will always perform at its peak.


  • T1/T3
  • Telephony and lines
  • Microwave (trademarks of Harris Microwave who became Aviat)
  • DVM 6-45™
  • Truepoint™
  • Constellation™
  • MPLS
  • Hot standby and loop switching
  • Fiber optics
  • Installation and troubleshooting


  • Servers
  • Clients
  • Operating Systems
  • Routing
  • LANs
  • WANs
  • Circuit switching
  • Packet switching
  • Network security

Sites and Facilities

  • Site security
  • HVAC
  • Generators
  • UPS units
  • DC and battery plants
  • Antenna systems
  • BDA’s


The best technology in the world is only as good as the capability of the operators and users. We are expert at providing clear and understandable training that is geared to the users. We will help them get the most out of their tools without overwhelming them with technical overload.


Meticulous generation and upkeep of documentation is critical to the health and operation of any technology. We will make sure that you always know how your system is configured, connected, and when it has been repaired or maintained. When rapid troubleshooting and repair becomes necessary current and accurate documentation is a must.


In today’s environment it is ever more important to keep sensitive information secure. We will help you keep your data and voice security intact and managed.

Cable Plants

The cables that plug everything together are key to the operation of any technology but often quickly become disorganized and confusing. Careful installation, management, and records are essential. When troubleshooting and system restoral must take place quickly and efficiently you don’t have time to untangle that know of wires. We know how to manage it, document it, and maintain it.

Dispatch Consoles

Your radio console is what keeps the dispatchers in touch with the field units. We bring the experience needed to plan, implement, and maintain this vital part of your infrastructure. From programming and configuring to troubleshooting and operation we can manage your technology and train you users.

Computer Aided Dispatch

No communications center can operate today without the help of CAD. This system takes careful maintenance and programming and often interfaces with other systems for data exchange. We know how it works and how it talks. Let us help you keep it sorted out.

Computers and Networking

Computers and networks are a vital part of today’s technology in their own right but they are also the backbone of every other platform that we use. Whether it be telephones, radio communication, dispatching, or data analysis they all rely on computing power and network interconnection. We have the advanced networking skills and qualifications to assure that your systems are built right and work right.


Your telephone system is a key component of your operation. We can help you make it a resource and not a headache. From digital to analog and from the desk phone to the back room and connecting to the phone company we understand how it all works. We can also help you make that connection between your radio console and telephone so that it all comes to one headset.

Grounding and Bonding

Today’s technology must be protected from damage and interference more than ever. Expert grounding and bonding between and among every device and system is vital and must meet rigorous standards. We have experience to assure that your infrastructure will meet the latest standards and afford the best protection possible.


No electronics installation is complete without climate control. The risk of high heat or humidity can ruin a major investment. Let us make sure that your climate control system is up to date and up to specs. We will make sure that your system is routinely maintained and/or repaired if the need arises.


Generators are mission critical components in a system that must be impervious to failure especially when disaster strikes. You can’t afford to wait until your generators break down to give them the attention that they require. We will make sure that this critical part of your system is maintained and fueled and ready to go year round.

Battery Plants

Whether you operate sites that depend on UPS or 48 volt backup the batteries that power it are critical. Battery plants and charging systems themselves have specific requirements for ongoing maintenance and certification. We can keep your battery system up to date and up to specs for maximum performance and capacity when you need to depend on them

UPS Systems

As with every other system, the uninterruptable power supply in not an ‘install it and forget it’ component. Waiting until you need it to find out it has a problem is not an option. We will make sure that your UPS gets the regular testing and maintenance it needs to make sure that when commercial power lets you down your systems keep right on running.


Being able to remotely monitor and control your equipment is a necessity for efficient use of resources and maximum up time. We have the experience to keep your telemetry at peak performance so that you can stay in touch with that equipment on the far mountaintop and know what it is doing.

Site Security

Remote and even local installations of infrastructure and becoming ever more vulnerable to vandalism and theft. Whether it is making sure that your fences are repaired and maintained or installing security cameras and their connection back to a central location we will assure that you have every tool possible to protect your investment

Structure Maintenance

Don’t wait until your expensive electronics at a remote site are ruined before you find out that the roof is leaking. We will keep the sites inspected and cleaned, and make sure that maintenance and repairs get done regularly. We will watch for infestations by rodents and insects. Your investment deserves solid protection and upkeep.


Whether downtown or a mountaintop we will make sure that the grass is maintained and weeds controlled. Don’t let the blackberries keep you from getting to your site or the grass and weeds become an eyesore for the neighbors.

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